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Domestic and Overseas and IT Support Services

If you are operating in Japan and require IT support in Japanese and English, Triforce is set up to provide cross-border IT Support services, inbound and outbound.

Inbound Support

If you are a Japan office of an overseas multi-national company, we can provide your end-users here Japanese IT Support while liaising with your headquarters in English. Our clients may rely on us to comply with global IT policies and guidelines when setting up and running the Japan IT operations. Likewise, the Japan office will have, in many cases, specific local technical requirements for set up while keeping headquarter IT informed.

We can assure smooth communication between offices on ongoing IT Support issues and special application implementation projects.

Outbound Support

If your headquarter is in Japan and you have overseas offices that require IT management and centralized IT support, we can receive your headquarter technical direction in Japanese and execute the instructions to your global offices in English and provide global English IT Support Helpdesk. This can be for technical or application level, IT process policy formulation, and technical documentation.

Support Flow

IT Support Flow

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