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SunSystems Q&A Reporting (Query & Analysis)

Infor Query and Analysis (Infor Q&A) for Infor SunSystems is a dynamic, multi-language, multi-currency business intelligence reporting tool that is powerful, secure, flexible, and easy to use. Using familiar desktop and mobile applications, you can quickly and efficiently create and analyze reports that target the information you seek by highlighting trends, patterns, and exceptions.

Infor Query and Analysis (Infor Q&A) gives managers unique insight into the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” of your bottom line.

Infor Query and Analysis XL (Q&A XL for Reporting from and Data entry into SunSystems)

Q&A XL provides a dynamic direct link between Microsoft Excel and SunSystems database. With its flexibility and ease of use, Q&A XL allows non-technical and non-accounting staff to effectively report from and query SunSystems data, real time. This can be pushed to relevant parties at predetermined time intervals or accessed by mobile.
  • A powerful Report Designer in Q&A XL provides a flexible range of report styles and formats to fulfill any financial and management reporting needs.
    SunSystems data can be extracted easily and if required, macros applied to create the most sophisticated and complex of reports.
  • Q&A XL can also be used to upload data from MS Excel directly into SunSystems.
    This is useful when volume data needs to be uploaded into SunSystems, or in cases where entering into free format Excel entry forms is more efficient for the end users’needs.

Infor Query and Analysis Executive (Q&A Executive for Data Query)

Q&A Executive provides direct access to SunSystems to facilitate the inquiry and analysis of financial information.
  • Top-Down view of your entire enterprise: Inquiries are easily defined with built-in guides to locate relevant data, enabling selection to be made at the click of a button.
  • Flexible analytical functionality: You can Drilldown, Expand or Breakout by business dimensions: departments, regions, branches, cost centers or even individual transactions.

Query and Analysis Alert (Q&A Alert for Process Automation / KPI Alerts)

Q&A Alert is an easy to use, highly flexible means of automating designated reporting tasks, on an event or time-driven basis. Features called Alerts enable Q&A Alert to make automated, conditional responses to specified conditions in Q&A reports.
  • Powerful Automated Exception Reporting: Q&A Alert allows any number of tasks to be created that can contain interdependent processes.
    If a financial limit is exceeded, for example, an Alert is triggered that automatically generates one or more predetermined responses such as printing a report, distributing the report via e-mail, outputting in either HTML for Web browsing or to a Microsoft Excel file.
  • When defining tasks, you can activate a wide range of functions including workbook and drill path extractions in HTML format for Web viewing, running a SunSystems macro and executing operating system commands.
  • Q&A Alert schedules tasks to run automatically at any pre-determined time or frequency without further prompting.
    Q&A Alert processes can be automatically re-scheduled if certain conditions are not met, for example, if a file is not available for processing.

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