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Financial Services

Financial Services

Insurance (Life and Non-Life), Banks, Securities, Funds, FX Platforms, Asset Management, REITS

Infor SunSystems (SunAccount) Financial Management System for Financial Service Industry

The pace of change continues to accelerate at an unprecedented rate for financial services companies. In the international markets, the International Accounting Standards (IAS) and the Basel Capital Accord (Basel II) are creating an urgent need to adapt business processes and IT systems to satisfy stringent requirements.

Infor SunSystems provides benefits to financial services organizations including:

  • Seamless two-way communication between back and front office systems (insurance, trading, treasury management, fund management, CRM, payroll and banking systems).
  • Powerful analysis capabilities to provide full opportunity reporting to enable speed to market decisions (revenue/expenses by fund, financial product, trade, contract, employee, project, company etc).
  • Strong matching and reconciliation functions for volume transactions
  • Complex multi-currency and budgeting functions
  • User friendly report tool to create simple to complex reports in multi languages
  • Automated FSA & compliance reporting options.
  • Capabilities for managing increasingly onerous risk management obligations.
  • Multi-GAAP, IAS and IFRS compliance.
  • Best-practice Corporate Governance processes.

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