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Infor SunSystems Sales Management provides complete functionality for Sales Invoicing and Sales Management. The solution ensures that organizations can streamline the sales, order and distribution operations, in order to deliver high levels of customer service.

Benefits of Infor SunSystems Order Fulfillment

  • Automatically update your ledger and inventory in real time
  • Gain full inventory visibility and increase control without forfeiting customer service levels
  • Configure and control the complete business process for receiving and processing customer sales orders
  • Order management handles a variety of tasks so organizations can allow employees to focus on improving customer service and enhancing the bottom line.
  • Comprehensive analysis codes structure and report suites for all aspects of your Purchase, Inventory and Sales

Infor SunSystems Purchase Management

Infor SunSystems Purchase Management covers Purchase Invoicing, Purchase Management and Budget & Commitment Control. It gives you complete control over your organization’s spending activities. By deploying the web-based solution to your employees, they can then manage their own purchasing requirements within the rules and workflows defined by your organization.The solution delivers the ability to analyze and report on a comprehensive database of supplier and product information, in order to improve buying power. The solution delivers the ability to analyze and report on a comprehensive database of supplier and product information, in order to improve buying power.

Key features of Infor SunSystems Purchase Management

  • Comprehensive Purchase Invoicing, Purchase Management and Budget & Commitment Control
  • Define rules and workflows that automate and enforce your corporate policies
  • Empower your employees by allowing them to manage their purchasing anytime, anywhere using a mobile device
  • Configurable workflows and alerting across countries
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use system means that you no longer need to rely on IT – resulting in a lower total cost of ownership

Benefits of Purchasing Management

  • Cut the cost of processing travel and expense reports by up to 80%
  • Gain a tighter grip on your purchasing with better spend control
  • Save time and money by allowing your employees to detail their purchasing within your rules
  • End-to-end procure-to-pay capabilities that supports centralized and decentralized purchasing, covering purchase requisitions, orders, contracts, receipts, and invoice processing and reconciliation.

Infor SunSystems Inventory Management

Infor SunSystems Inventory Management provides the capability to manage inventory, ensuring full visibility of product, intermediate and raw material items, while also delivering lot and batch control. The solution enables greater control over inventory levels, without forfeiting essential customer service levels.

Key Features of Infor SunSystems Inv]entory Management

  • Multi warehouse management and warehouse group functions
  • Comprehensive Stock, Item, and SKU Definition with extensive description details and analysis codes.
  • Multi-level Movement Management
  • Inventory Process Management: inventory allocation, picking lists and dispatch documents printing, goods receipt matching / inspection
  • Full Inventory Count Management
  • Multi method Costing Management
  • Full Suite of Inventory Reports

Infor SunSystems Sales Management

  • Streamline sales entry, manage customer information, pricing and invoicing to deliver high levels of capability to sales and distribution operations
  • Deliver full visibility of product, intermediate and raw materials items, whilst controlling serial and batch/lot numbers
  • Effectively manage contracts with customers automatically, generating multiple repeat invoices and automating invoice production with user-defined variations.
  • Configure order processes and sequence your transactions the way you want to

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