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SunSystems Multi-Currency Accounting (Multi-Language)

Infor SunSystems Multi Currency Accounting provides true dual base currency processing and the ability to maintain different transaction currencies on a single transaction. This powerful functionality enables you to buy / sell goods and services in any currency, account in parallel currencies, bank or make payments in other currencies, and report back to overseas parent companies in the currency of your choice.

Key features of Infor SunSystems Multi Currency

  • Dual base currency processing enables organizations to fully comply with both GAAP and Euro accounting and reporting requirements.
  • Up to five different values can be held against every transaction throughout the SunSystems suite: four currency values and memo or statistical value.
  • The four currency values all have different characteristics, as follows:
    ・base currency value (value 1) – a currency that is fixed for the ledger
    ・transaction currency value (value 2) – a currency that can vary on each transaction
    ・second base or reporting currency value (value 3) – another fixed currency for the ledger
    ・fourth currency value (value 4) – a fixed or variable transaction currency.
  • Flexibility to use any conversion rate: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly average, published rates etc.
    This can be automated to populate currency for each transaction or manually entered if need be.
  • Currency gains/losses can be recognized and posted automatically.
    ・You can specify the accounts to which realized gains, realized losses, unrealized gains and unrealized losses are posted.
    ・Revaluations can be performed with gains/losses being posted to the appropriate accounts.
    ・You can specify that only gains, only losses, both separately, or net gains and losses are posted on revaluation.
    ・Revaluation procedures may also be run for reporting purposes only.

Benefits of Infor SunSystems Multi Currency

  • The comprehensive Financials reporting facilities allow you to produce reports showing any combination of the currencies available: base currency, transaction currency, second base or reporting currency, and fourth currency.
    These report writers include consolidation facilities that allow you to consolidate different business units, in different currencies.
  • Fully automate multi currency requirements to reduce entry errors, calculate accurate currency gains/losses, and report in confidence to home office and tax authorities.

Multi Currency Automation

Infor SunSystems Multi Language

Infor SunSystems is multi language financial system for true global usage. It performs as a native Japanese Accounting System, English Accounting System, Chinese Accounting System and in fact, provides coverage for all major languages. SunSystems multi language refers to the User Interface, Master Files (COA, segment codes), Data, and Reports. This means the data entry can be handled by a Japanese speaker who maneuvers around the system in Japanese, all the while producing the reports automatically in Japanese and English.

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