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Difficulties in Managing Multiple Systems

Difficulties in Managing Multiple Systems

A rapidly growing company can quickly face management problems of multiple systems. When starting out, companies first install simpleaccounting software such as Quickbooks etc. so that they can manage their bookkeeping. Soon they install separate systems for CRM, inventory, order management and a lot of Excel templates.

To further increase revenue, many companies will open new office locations and add additional sales channels resulting in more complicated processes for ecommerce integration, recurring billing, financial consolidation. Such companies will add additional business software to support these new processes. In time, these companies will find themselves with a poorly planned system architecture that prevents the company from growing efficiently over the long term. Multiple business software systems prevents flexibility, productivity, and ultimately slows down the company’s ability to grow.

Ultimately the Business Loses Out on:

  • Wasted Employee Productivity
  • Lack of Real Time Visibility
  • Integration Complexity and IT Cost
  • Poor Customer Service due to fragmented back office

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