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Many companies are starting to realize the benefits of cloud within their businesses. Triforce understands how cloud can help your business overcome many legacy issues and remove some of the barriers that inhibit growth. Our clients will use our cloud solutions to host usages for ERP, CRM, financial system, front office system, work flow, data storage, disaster recovery, and office tools.

Embracing the cloud culture can bring many business benefits such as:

  • speed of deployment of new business services reliant on IT
  • cost of maintaining highly available and compliant infrastructure
  • agile scaling of infrastructure in line with demand
  • providing a cost justifiable but adequate disaster recovery provision
  • legacy applications requiring legacy infrastructure preventing growth and progression

Triforce Cloud Support Solution

We understand that for most organizations the journey towards cloud adoption is not always a simple one. Depending on your requirements and compliance policies, we design cloud solutions that are often a phased approach to match your users’ comfort level. So we work with our clients to put together a sensible cloud adoption roadmap backed by Triforce cloud management services.

Cloud providers

  • Amazon Web Service
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Office 365

Cloud infrastructure services

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Recovery and High Availability


With cloud adoption, Triforce understands the concerns that enterprises have when making the decision.
We assist you in addressing the considerations to be made such as:

  • vendor / solution choice
  • budget
  • fear of loss of control of data and systems
  • security and compliance
  • availability and reliability of the new environment
  • integration with existing infrastructure


By migrating business services and their associated IT workloads to the cloud there are a many benefits to be realized.

  • Faster implementation times
  • Reduce or redeploy costs – lower management overheads through automation
  • High Availability – big vendor-backed service levels
  • Lower risk – increase resilience, and improve disaster recovery at low cost
  • Improved compliance – built-in auditing and controls on a global range.
  • Unlimited scalability on demand – expand any business service to a global capability
  • Financial options – zero upfront capital cost; operational run costs for what you use

Financial options – zero upfront capital cost; operational run costs for what you use

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