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Wholesale and Distribution

Wholesale and Distribution


To be successful in a digital world, wholesale distribution businesses must integrate all of its core business systems. Distributors that have connected the operations of their financials, supply chain, CRM, retail channels, inventory and other processes will have the edge.

With Netsuite Cloud ERP for Wholesale and Distribution, you can manage every part of your business through a single platform. All of your business data is connected.


Meet your customers everywhere and engage your customers through Ecommerce

The traditional model of distribution is rapidly changing. Today, B2B customers increasingly act like consumers with a desire for self-service tools that give them instant access to product information through their mobile devices.

Here are a few keys to optimizing your wholesale distribution business for today’s constantly evolving landscape.

Make Ecommerce Your Business Hub

As a distributor, it’s important to recognize that B2B buyers are increasingly tech-focused. They shop on their iPads and smartphones and expect to go online to purchase corporate supplies at any time.

Serve the Supplier as well as the Customer

Distributors must create opportunities and nurture relationships with their B2B customers and partners. But everything you do with your customers should also be aimed at making business better for your suppliers.

Push New Ideas

You must constantly experiment to increase customer loyalty. So you must be sure to have a platform that can grow and scale quickly, offering you the chance to implement new solutions as your business grows.


Modernize Your Operations

Operating a successful wholesale distribution business requires keeping pace with changes in technology, workforce demographics, customer needs, pricing models and much more. A business also has to react and adjust to changes in the overall economy and the manufacturing industry.

NetSuite provides a solution that modernizes your distribution infrastructure, enabling you to operate efficiently and compete more readily against your peers and larger players.

Product features


– Engage your customers everywhere and accept orders via phone, online, direct sales, POS or EDI.


– Receive orders through EDI, web orders, direct sales, partner sales, point of sale and more.

– Segment reporting to measure performance by order channel.

Order to Cash

– Easily convert quotes to orders, orders to fulfillment, invoicing to payment and more with automated, built-in processes.

Suppliers and Procurement

– Analyze supplier performance.
– Collaborate with suppliers in real time through the Supplier Portal.
– Create a centralized purchasing process.
– Build a real-time approval workflow based on PO amount..

Sales Forecasts and Operational Planning


– Streamline your storage with deep metrics and inventory controls.
– Turn your warehouse faster. Integrated tracking and control allows NetSuite customers to reduce inventory overhead and turn their inventory more quickly.


– Deliver on time, every time. NetSuite’s comprehensive fulfillment controls help you reduce your cycle times and shipping costs while increasing your on-time delivery rates


– Reach new markets through campaign management, marketing automation, and detailed analytics.


– Maximize sales across your organization with high visibility into opportunities, pipeline and pricing.

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