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Privacy Policy

Triforce Global Solutions provides a comprehensive range of services from planning and consulting to system implementation and operation. During the course of our business activities, we use personal information directly or indirectly. As an information services company, we consider that the social responsibility in using personal information is immensely heavy and that the proper management is the most important and fundamental requirements. With this understanding, we have established the following privacy policy, with the goal of building, implementing, maintaining, and improving our internal systems for managing personal information.

1.We uphold all laws, guidelines, and regulations regarding the protection of personal and confidential information.

2.Established company rules govern the handling of all personal information, and a managing supervisor and representative in charge have been appointed to ensure appropriate management.

3.We manage personal information according to the following precepts:

  • in collecting personal information, we seek to clarify the purpose and scope of use, managing this information with all due care after obtaining client approval, and then only within the scope of use authorized.
  • For subcontracted operations involving construction and information systems, if subcontractors are entrusted with personal data on clients, we make sure this data is used for the purpose specified, and within the client-approved scope of application. We also make sure this data is appropriately stored.
  • We safeguard all personal information we collect via various measures to prevent leakage, loss and falsification. Should any incident occur despite these precautions, we take prompt corrective action.
  • If management of personal information is subcontracted, we ensure that all operations involving this information are undertaken in accordance with our own strict management policies.
  • For a complaint and/or a request, we put a charge window and cope faithfully.

4.We strive at all times to continue improving this management system for protecting personal information.

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